Tim SchmidtA Personal Message From Tim Schmidt, USCCA President...

"A large part of my life (obviously) revolves around guns and combat shooting skills. But there's a harsh reality that a lot of gun owners frankly just 'don't get' when it comes to surviving a life or death attack on you and your family. My friend, Jeff Anderson, President of the International Society Of Close Quarter Combants (ISCQC), hits the nail on the head in the following special report and I urge you to read every word below.

In addition, I've asked Jeff to make a special offer for my subscribers that will fix this crucial 'survival gap' fast and I know Tim Schmidtyou're going to love the information he has to share.

Please pay close attention now. Your life may depend on it."

The #1 Deciding Factor Between "The Quick & The Dead"
In A Real Attack Has NOTHING To Do With Your Weapon, Your Ammo, Or Even How Fast Of A Draw You Are!

It's shocking that so few "armed citizens" realize how WIDE OPEN they are
to becoming a victim...even though there's a simple solution for almost
INSTANTLY closing this gaping hole in your personal protection plan!

Jeff AndersonTuesday, 5:30pm
From The Desk Of: Jeff Anderson, ISCQC President

My rib poking shooting buddies down at the range would always laugh at me.

It didn't matter that I was a lifelong martial artist, decorated combat veteran, former bodyguard, and President of a worldwide "survival" community.

I'd try to show them one of my latest "self defense moves" and they'd always respond with the same tired old joke...

..."Just remember Jeff, you can't karate chop a bullet!"

Everyone around me would get a good chuckle out of that, but I could always sense the nervousness in their laughter. I knew they were covering something up!

The fact is, they're afraid to admit the secret that they KNOW threatens their ego and their life.

But I finally got them to shut up and take me seriously when I slapped a copy of a shocking article out of our local Chicago Sun Times down on the table. Thought I'd share it with you as well...

Shot! With His OWN GUN!

Officer Soderberg(Chicago Sun Times; July 2010) It was a hot summer afternoon on the south side of Chicago when Officer Soderberg stood next to his car in the small parking lot outside of the station.

The 43-year old officer and husband had just finished a voluntary shift in support of an anti-crime initiative aimed at keeping kids from following a violent path on the streets.

In fact, Soderberg, an 11-year force veteran, former soldier and seasoned Academy Instructor, was well known for his charitable actions and even served as a guide for a blind triathlete.

A few minutes later, a 24 year old man approached the officer and a struggle ensued. The suspect, a mentally disabled man with 21 arrests managed to disarm the well-trained Soderberg and shoot him with his own gun before running off, leaving him to die on the pavement.

Ok, set aside for a minute that this news story makes my blood boil at the pitiful degradation of our legal justice system that allows convicted criminals to roam our streets with little fear of hard punishment.

My reason for sharing it is that it should serve as a VALUABLE LESSON - even to the most experienced gun owner among you - of a potential "gaping hole" in your own personal protection program that MUST be filled for you and your loved ones to truly feel safe. You see...

...while most "gun owners" drool over their selection of
the "perfect gun" and the best thug-stopping ammo...

...The Odds Of You Getting A Chance To Even
TOUCH Your Gun Before You're Viciously Attacked
Are Somewhere Between Slim...And NONE!

Reaction Reality Check

Reactionary Gap 1
Reactionary Gap 3

Intensive police studies* reveal you need at least 21' between you and your attacker to properly draw a weapon and engage...

...but that's a trained officer with an unconcealed weapon!

In a surprise street attack,
you'll NEVER get this luxury!

* Courtesy of SWAT Magazine (Mar 1983)

You simply can't escape it...

If you were attacked at close range by some deranged madman, you'd have to be "superhuman" to be able to draw your weapon in time to stop him in his tracks!

This was established back in 1983 with police studies on the normal reactionary time it takes to react to a charging attacker.

The results? You need at least 21 feet between you and your assailant to successfully draw and shoot.

But while this has always been the rule that's been followed for "reactionary gap", there are 3 very big problems for the armed citizen
(and even off duty officers)...

  1. These studies were conducted with TRAINED officers using a holstered, non-concealed gun!;

  2. They KNEW they were going to be attacked and were ready to draw;

  3. 99% of all street attacks occur MUCH closer than 21' away; and

  4. Even if you DO get a shot off on your attacker...there's absolutely no guarantee that he's going to stop his attack!

In other words...it's almost guaranteed that by the time you recognize a threat and sense it's time to pull your gun, it's already too late!

That means that in practically all real-life attacks you may face, no matter how fast you are, you won't even get a chance to draw your weapon before your attacker has punched, clubbed, or stabbed you!

And furthermore, I don't care what "nuclear ammo" you've locked and loaded...you could miss your target...your weapon may jam...
you could be disarmed...you could run out of ammo...you could get
jumped from behind by another attacker...

The bottom line is this...

Anyway you look at it, the writing on the wall is
crystal clear for the "enlightened" gun owner...

It's FAR More Likely That You'll Be Forced
To Use Your BARE HANDS To Save Your Life
Than It Is You'll Actually Use Your Gun!

I know it "FEELS" good to think that you'll always be able to draw your weapon in a split second and neutralize any threat that comes your way.

Do YOU Have What It Takes To Survive?

While you and I grew up programmed to "fight fair"...

street combat

...the common street criminal grew up learning how to "fight dirty"... and has been bloodying his knuckles in real street combat!

Master these simple techniques and discover how to use their own "nasty tricks" against them!

But you're smart enough to know that just isn't practical, right?

That's just not how things play out on the street, or even in a violent home invasion for that matter!

You could go to answer your door and find yourself steamrolled by 3 or 4 mutant gang members before you ever get a chance to react.

You know this is true.

So now the moment of honesty has arrived...

"You're really NOT as prepared as you thought
you were for surviving a violent attack, are you?!"

There's no shame or embarrassment in saying that. None at all!

I even know plenty of firearms instructors who are deadly with a gun in their hands...but nowhere NEAR the skill level they need to be at to GET to their gun if you had to!

But if you're a true blue "protector" as I am, then it's not a matter of whether you should put as much focus on your unarmed skills as you do your "armed" skills...it's a matter of "HOW"!

For most people, the thought may come to your mind that you need to march on down to the local stripmall shopping center and enroll in some martial arts school, right?

Unfortunately, even taking martial arts or self defense classes
ISN'T going to fully close your current "survival gap" and here's why...

...95% Of What You'll Learn In Your Local Martial Arts
Class Is Just Enough To Get You Hurt...

...Or Even KILLED In A Real Attack!

I know this is going to piss off a lot of die-hard martial artists but it's a very sad fact that even experienced instructors at martial arts schools readily admit to!

Martial Arts
Won't Work!

Martial Arts Class

When you need to master the hardcore skills to deal with a violent street attack, do you REALLY want put your life in the hands of fancy, outdated techniques that are the same exact moves taught to a bunch of 8-year olds?!

Don't Make This
"Life Or Death" Mistake!

The fact is that the techniques you'll learn at most local dojos are based upon "traditional" and complicated moves that require months or even YEARS of regular training to practice.

But that's not even the worse part...

In a real attack, your body's natural "fight or flight" adrenal response triggers a complete meltdown of your fine motor skills!

What that means is...

...all those complicated moves that work so well
in the relaxed atmosphere of a local martial arts school
you need them the most in a violent attack!

Military and law enforcement professionals know this all too well.

When your body's adrenaline levels are super-high in a stressful situation (like with some methed-up psycho in your face), your "fine-motor skills" go to hell in a handbasket and all you're able to use are very basic, simple moves.

Yet every martial arts instructor will come up to you while you're punching the air and "correct" your fist position because it's turned a half-inch too far! It's absolutely ridiculous!

What YOU want is the unshakable confidence - that 100% certainty - that you could protect those you love without your weapon... against a razor sharp knife... from 3, 4, even 5 attackers... with a gun pointed at your head... in a REAL life-or-death scenario!

You're not going to get that in your local dojo because showing "little Johnny" how to gouge an eye to save his life absolutely horrifies the moms in the sitting area.

But what If I told you that you DON'T have to study for years,
pay outrageous class fees, or even become some "black ops ninja assassin" to...

...Easily Master The "NO B.S." Fighting Skills You Need To
Destroy A Larger, Stronger, Even More Vicious Attacker
With This Secret Bag Of "Dirty Tricks"!

Here's what I've put together for you...

You see, networking with the top combatives instructors across the planet from military spec ops,
law enforcement, counterterrorism agencies (and just plain old hardcore street brawlers), we've amassed the most cutting edge survival information ever pulled together in one place.

No foo-fooey, martial arts moves that won't work in a real fight... no long hours spent punching the air... no facing off against a little girl with a black belt to let her flip you over her shoulder during some self defense class...

...just hardcore, "NO B.S." simple moves that will
pull your ass out of the fire when your life is on the line!

As Seen In...What we've done is created 6 cutting edge training modules for every area of "combat scenarios" you may be forced to deal with in an attack.

These modules consist of a Fighting Guide and an audio training CD designed to reprogram your mind to think and act like a "complete warrior"!

Once you open the box we'll send to your door and start devouring the eye-opening information we've packaged up for you, you'll possessing the knowledge and quiet confidence that grants you the ability to walk down any street WITHOUT FEAR...knowing that at a moment's notice, you can INSTANTLY unleash a brutal counterattack on anyone (I mean ANYONE!) who threatens your safety or tries to hurt someone you love!

Let me give you a sneak peek at all the amazing training you'll have access to...



"How To Master Unarmed Combat"

Plus Your Bonus Audio CD:
"Survival Mind Set Secrets"




Only amateurs and "victims" fight fair! In this powerful guide, you'll discover the most devastating hand-to-hand combat techniques for stopping any attacker in mere SECONDS regardless of your size, strength, or previous fighting experience!

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Discover...

The #1 secret to becoming "undefeatable" in a real street attack! I know this seems impossible, but the fact is this secret could be the only thing that saves your ass when your life is on the line!
How to develop a "6th sense" for detecting and avoiding danger!
NO FEAR! A simple trick you can use to remain calm, cool, and confident in the face of danger...even when you have a 7' mutant thug ready to rip your face off!
How to know EXACTLY the perfect time you need to launch your attack to ensure victory... and never even give your assailant a chance to recover!
"Tactical Targeting": Uncontrollable response triggers of the human body that allow you to plan your next strike like a fortune-teller and know precisely what target will be left wide open for you!
How to summon "super human strength" as easily as flipping on a switch! (This was the #1 secret shared with me by a kung fu master who knew street fighting like the back of his hand! Amazing!
And Much More!




"Become A Blade Master"

Plus Your Bonus Audio CD:
"Edged Offense: A Survivor's
Guide To Knife Fighting




In a real street attack, you're almost guaranteed to face a blade! Knives are easy to get... easy to carry... and easy to use! In this module, we'll show you no only how to defend against an attacker armed with an edged weapon...but also how ot use your own blade to slice your way to safety!

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Discover...

Your FIRST MOVE when you find yourself unarmed against an attacker wielding a razor sharp blade! You may only get ONE CHANCE to keep him from sinking his weapon deep into your body...it's decision time!)
How to spot a "knife fighter" before he ever makes one move to attack you!
The "martial arts myth" of how to defend against an edged weapon! Know-nothing instructors are actually training their students to DIE! Learn the truth about what it REALLY takes to survive!
The absolute WORST MISTAKE you can make when you see your attacker pull out a blade! (Unfortunately, it's exactly the move you've been told you SHOULD make... and if you listen to the experts, you could pay the ultimate price!)
The #1 tested (by experienced SWAT officers!) method for taking away a knife-wielding attacker's advantage when you're locked in close combat!
Knife Fighting: How to "master the blade",...and use your own weapon (or your attacker's if you get your hands on it!) to save your life!
Legal carry! Which knives will the law allow you to carry for personal defense...and which ones are more practical?
Training tips for testing your knife and your skills in a real street fight! (No fluffy, unrealistic karate crap. These techniques will leave you with no doubt that you're as prepared as you're ever going to be to safely defend aginst a blade!
And Much More!




"Anything Goes On The Ground"

Plus Your Bonus Audio CD:
"Ground & Pound: Surviving
A Ground Assault!"




Most fights do go to the ground...but there's a big difference between mixed martial arts sports matches and what you'll face with your back on the pavement and your attacker's buddies stomping on your head like a casaba melon!

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Discover...

"Secret targets" most men have never even thought of! But they're brutally effective at ending ANY ground assault in mere SECONDS!
How to make "child's play" out of even the most experienced mixed martial artist! (Hint: they learn "groundfighting" - and we'll show you how to "fight on the ground". It's NOT the same thing!)
When "getting nasty" will actually DESTROY your chances of surviving a violent ground assault! Yes, fighting dirty can actually work against tyou and if you don't learn this lesson NOW, you may suffer severe consequences later!
"Lessons from the cage"! Why the best survival strategies from no holds barred sports fighting AREN'T found in the ring...and what DOES work when your face down in the dirt with no bell or ref to come to your aid!
The "ultimate ground move"! This one technique is so simple, an 85-year old grandmother could pull it off with ease...yet it will leave a grown man running to the emergency room begging for stiches!
A natural "handle" on your attacker's body that gives you ultimate leverage and power even if you're pinned on your back looking for an escape! Just grab on and he's all yours! (And no...it's NOT his groin! It's a spot that even HE is not aware of!)
And Much More!




"Offense & Defense Gun Moves"

Plus Your Bonus Audio CD:
"Choosing The Best Weapon
For Personal Defense




Firearms are the ultimate equalizer! Whether you own a gun or not, you'd damn well better know how to take one away from an attacker...and be able to use it when it's in your hands! This guide provides the "street perspective" of what it really takes to master the timing, targeting, and technique to survive any firearm situation!

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Discover...

Never be caught off guard! Dead giveaway signs that your attacker is "packing"!
Should you disarm your attacker? Once you decide to take a gun away from your attacker, there's no turning back. Are you sure it's the right move? Use this process to make the right choice or you may end up making a fatal mistake!
The "first move" that you'll never even see in Hollywood action films...yet it's more effective at surviving a gun attack than anything the most highly trained martial artist could pull off!
The #1 reason that nearly all handgun disarms FAIL no matter how much training you've had! (Plus...how to overcome this natural obstacle as best you can to give you the ultimate chance of survival!)
When to make your disarm attempt! A split second too soon or too late and you're as good as dead. Very few trainers even know about the strategy we'll show you in this module!
The ultimate primer for choosing your own weapon for personal defense, home defense, and concealed carry!
And Much More!




"Surviving A Mass Attack"

Plus Your Bonus Audio CD:
"Defeating Multiple Attackers
In A Real Street Fight




The ultimate "worst case" survival scenario! Defeating one violent attacker in real street combat can be difficult enough...but when you and your loved ones are corned in a parking lot by 4 or 5 brutal criminals looking for a cheap thrill, you'd better be able to pull out all of your nastiest tricks! Like these...

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Discover...

Who to hit first! It's NOT who you think and there are a whole lot of combatives instructors who get this completely wrong. Their advice (and your first guess) could get you killed!
Your ADVANTAGE in a multiple attacker fight? YES! It's a slim advantage, but it's there IF you know how to identify it and use it when you're left with no choice but to fight!
SOLO training drills! You no longer have to avoid training for multi fights just because you can't get a group of your buddies to volunteer to be stomped on. Use these exercises at home...and alone!
The absolute WORST MOVE you could ever make against multiple attackers! Yet it's the one that so many people naturally think will take them to safety. WRONG! We'll show you what to do instead.
"Martial arts multi-fight myths"...EXPOSED! What you'll learn down at the local martial arts school is designed for play-acting...NOT for real life or death situations on the street! After learning these lies, you'll be able to walk into any dojo in the world and instantly recognize bullshit moves from the real deal.
The first 5 seconds of a multiple attacker fight are the most critical and will determine whether you live or die! These "3 simple rules" will make sure you have the ultimate chance for survival!
And Much More!




"Ultimate Life-Or-Death
Survival Secrets "

Plus Your Bonus Audio CD:
"Surviving An Attack In Your Car "




When your life is on the line, you may need to kill! Being a "Survivalist" means being prepared for absolutely ANYTHING! And that means potentially being forced to take someone's life in a real do-or-die attack scenario! In this module, we explore the very extreme limits of self protection that hopefully you'll never have to use...but better know how if you must!

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Discover...

Prison moves! Life-ending strategies developed in the ultimate "kill-or-be-killed" proving ground... maximum security prisons filled with vicious predators!
Legal lethal force! When you're justified to kill...and how to make the decision without feat of landing yourself behind bars for life!
Tools (and "toys") that kill! Deadly improvised weapons you've never thought of...but could save your life in a parking lot, your home, or even in a terrorist plane hijacking!
The 7 deadliest targets on the human body! Attack them in the way we show you and you will quickly remove any attacker from the fight...for good!
The survivor's mind-set...and the psycological framework needed to TAKE A LIFE when left with no choice!
The difference between killing with a gun, a knife, a club...and your bare hands! (The're not the same.)
The "mechanics" of killing! How the human body is designed to live...and die. (We'll take you far beyond high school biology class and show you things your teacher would have been fired for saying.)
And Much More!


As you can see, we take "survival" seriously!

If you don't have the same level of "I'll protect my family at all costs" mind-set, then this package is definitely NOT for you!

But if you've made it this far, then I know you understand that...

"Survivors" are LEADERS...

"Survivors" assess the situation and TAKE ACTION...

"Survivors" know that procrastination is a weakness
left for the UNPREPARED...

And It's Time for YOU To Be A LEADER...TAKE ACTION...
And Be FULLY PREPARED To Protect Those You Love
From A Violent Attack!

Listen, unless you're fully confident that your current fighting skills are 100% perfect...against a larger, stronger attacker... on the ground... against a knife... with a gun pointed at your head... in a REAL life or death scenario..

...then all you're doing is procrastinating on a decision you know you must make!

If you don't, then my fear is that one day your lack of fighting skills could cost you your life or even a lifetime of regret of your own lack of judgement as you watch a loved one fall victim to an attack that you may have been able to prevent!

Call that a "scare tactic" if you want. I frankly don't care. A true "survivor" knows that it's the truth!

So it's really not a matter of "IF" this training will allow you to master the skills you need to protect yourself and those you love. It's probably just a matter of "how much", am I right?

Well look, our goal isn't to squeeze every nickle out of you. And we certainly don't want you to have to spend the $75-$150 monthly fees down at your local self defense school only to find out the hard way that what they're teaching will NEVER work in a real street attack. So...

As a favor to my friend Tim Schmidt, we wanted to make
filling in this "survival gap" a real NO BRAINER for you so...

...You Get The Entire "Close Quarters Combat"
Home Study Program Shipped Right To Your Door
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Here's the deal...

Each one of these modules currently sells for $39.95. In total, that's $239.70 for the complete package and that's a STEAL when you consider the fact that this course covers every aspect of surviving deadly "close quarters combat" all in one box!

But because you're a friend of Tim's, I'm willing to go one step further than I will for the general public. No wait...make that TWO STEPS FURTHER...

Special USCCA Discount Offer!

If you'll prove that you're a real "action taker" and survivor by taking advantage of the special package we've put together for you, then I'm ready to knock off the price of 2 MODULES for you right now (that's an instant savings of almost $80!) and ship the entire "Close Quarters Combat Home Study Course " course to you for just $159.80 plus $12 S&H ($19 int'l) so you'll be armed with the most advanced life-or-death protection strategies for transforming you into a complete warrior!

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But wait, I'm not done yet...

I really believe that this information could mean the difference between life and death if you're ever attacked on the street.

But some of you may need more visual guidance to see just how devastating these tactics really are. Well, I prepared for that and if you Order Right Now (don't forget to enter "uscca" in the Coupon Code field!), I'm also going to throw in this...


"How To Defeat Larger Attackers!"

A $39.95 Value - Yours FREE!

Let's face it, a lot of fancy, schmancy self defense techniques "look" great...

...but when tried against a raging madman who's much taller...much bigger...and much stronger than you are...you're likely to be DEAD MEAT no matter how much you've trained!

That's why we went into the studio and produced what could be the single most devastating training DVD ever created!

We took a real "no nonsense" look at what REALLY works against someone who is a hell of a lot larger than you are and he's giving you no other choice but to fight him.

In fact, the tactics you're about to discover actually work even BETTER when used against someone who is much larger and stronger than you (No, that’s NOT a joke...they work BETTER and I’ll show you why!)

Here’s what you’ll discover in this
2-HOUR action packed FREE BONUS DVD:

A secret trick to remain completely calmin the face of danger - even when some enraged maniac is right up in your face – and then launch a vicious split-second attack like flipping on a switch.
A detailed "road map" of exactly where to strike even the biggest, muscle-bound monster... to shatter bones, instantly overwhelm his size & strength, and leave him utterly defenseless!
The one move I’ve personally used...in REAL FIGHTS against larger attackers...that’s worked 100% of the time!
The “First Strike”! When it’s justified...and how to pull it off before he ever knows what hit him!
How to break down your attacker (step-by-step) to drop him to the pavement like a bag of dirt!
The #1 mistake even trained fighters make when it comes to striking in the street! (You’ll learn the hard truth after you demonstrate this...on yourself!)
How to defend against a blinding fury of wild punches...and then immediately launch a shocking “sneak attack” that will take a bigger guy right off his feet! (He’ll NEVER even see it coming!)
How to unleash brutal, unstoppable power into all your strikes...no matter what your size or skill level!
And Much More! ( 2 Hours Worth!)

The fact is, the secrets covered on this FREE DVD are worth FAR more than what you'll pay for the entire program!

Think of all the money you'll save by mastering these no-nonsense, simple, and DEVASTATING moves that absolutely ANYONE can master in no time because they don't rely on your strength, size or even whether you've EVER been in a fight before!

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Close Quarters Combat Training

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Yours in survival,
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson

The International Society Of Close Quarter Combatants

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