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Wisconsin State Fair Attacks – Are More Riots To Come?

Riots, riots, riots!

The recent Wisconsin State Fair Attacks are yet another example of how quickly a fun outing with the family can turn into a violent meltdown into social chaos.

In fact, a review of the 911 calls for this fast-moving riot unveils an eye-opening reality everyone should heed:

Wisconsin State Fair Attacks –
Mob Riot Moves Fast!

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There are many lessons to learn from this post-riot analysis…

  • The big lesson for me from this Wisconsin State Fair riot attack is how fast the violence spread and the direction of movement.  The violence spread in all directions!
  • There were reports that this was racially charged – but don’t fall victim to thinking that mobs are just a “black thing”.  I’ve seen riots break out at concerts by bare-chested white rockers (just happened this week in Chicago).  Violence knows no color.
  • To the person who left a comment on the Philadelphia Flash Mob Violence post that this was all just scare tactics, hopefully you now see that even a family day at the fair can turn into a life-or-death event for you and those who rely on you to protect them!
  • No where is totally “safe”. Any place where there are large groups of people, you should be “armed” and prepared to respond to protect yourself.

Folks, this isn’t just about safety.  This is about personal liberty!

I mean, if I can’t take my freakin’ kids to the damn fair to ride on a Ferris Wheel because I gotta worry about gangs getting stupid and slamming a construction sign over my head, where the hell do we go from here?

I’d appreciate your professional comments below.

No stereo-types – focus on survival tips, ok?

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