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Urban Survival Secrets During Social Chaos!

In the ISCQC organization, we take a bit of a different perspective on “survival”.

Sure, our foundation is built on unarmed combat skills because ultimately, this is your last ditch “weapon” in any life-or-death scenario.

But our members and subscribers (like you!) understand that “survival” means being prepared for ANY crisis!

That may be a parking lot robbery, a home invasion attack…

…or even the COLLAPSE of our society!

Now, don’t worry, I’m not going to go all “2012” on you here.

But the fact is, whether it’s a natural disaster or a terrorist attack, you and your family could instantly be caught in the middle of COMPLETE SOCIAL CHAOS!

When that happens, you’ll really start to see the line between the “prepared” and the “unprepared”.

Your neighbors will be running around in panic wondering how they’re going to survive.

But you know something they don’t…

1. Keep Your Preparedness “Secret”

When the feces hits the oscillator and “supply lines” are cut off and the store shelves are bare, once law-abiding citizens will turn into vicious looters.

I’ve personally seen this happen in real crisis!

So the last thing you want is for the local population-turned to know that YOU have a secret stash of Cap’n Crunch (with crunchberries of course).

If they do, they’re going to come knocking.

When you don’t open up and share your food, they’ll stop knocking and start breaking shit.

Now I’m all for helping out humanity, but in a time of social chaos, my family comes first.

Don’t tell ANYONE that you’re still fat, dumb and happy as they’re trying to figure out how to survive another day.

2. Master Hand-To-Hand And Weapons Combat

You know I have to add it in here, right?

Panic has a way of turning people into monsters.

Look at the Rodney King riots where looters pulled a guy out of a passing pickup truck for no reason and beat him with a brick.

When people turn to their brutal instincts of survival, you never know when you’re going to need to defend yourself and your loved ones.

Have lots of ammo and always realize that your hands may be the only weapons you have at your disposal when you need to fight back!

3. Leaving During A Crisis May NOT Be The Best Option!

There are certainly times when getting out of Dodge is the best option (like when your rooftop is about to be 10′ under water).

But most people think that leaving their home during a crisis is the ONLY option.

Not true!

In fact, it may not even be realistic depending upon your circumstances.

For example, what if…

  • Your transportation is destroyed or not trusty enough?
  • You’re injured or have an injured loved one that can’t travel?
  • You have a small child or elderly family member you care for that can’t travel?
  • Exit avenues are cut off or too crowded to move on?

There are any number of reasons why you may want or NEED to “survive in place” during a major catastrophe.

Unfortunately, most people don’t have a plan for “digging in” and sustaining themselves for long periods of time.

This requires a whole different set of skills than “evacutating”.

For example, do you know…

  • How to fortify your home to protect it from forcible entry & armed attack (without looking like the neighborhood kook)?
  • Techniques for navigating the “urban jungle” after a disaster?
  • Life-saving first aid tricks you can use on yourself and your family when medical professionals are nowhere to be found?
  • How to “read” an angry mob of so your family is the last one to be attacked and looted?

As you can see, surviving social chaos is about much more than rubbing two sticks together.

If you take this stuff as seriously as I do, I highly recommend the, “Survive In Place: Urban Survival Course” (

This is a program by David Morris (a fellow “prepper”) who interviewed over 30 different experts in all areas of “urban survival”.

The program is unequal in my opinion and covers EVERYTHING you need to know about how to survive a crisis without leaving your home at the mercy of those left behind.

David is actually an “instructor” in our ISCQC network, specializing in our upcoming “Survival” department.

If you go to and you’ll be able to review the entire program and read all about it.

Now it’s YOUR TURN!

Please share your comments below and tell us what steps have YOU taken to prepare yourself in the event of an emergency?

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