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HELP! Need Your Ideas For The NEW ISCQC…

Ok gang, I’ve been working on a big surprise for you this week in preparation for next week’s relaunch of the International Society Of Close Quarter Combatants.

In fact, I just got off the phone with a “special guest” that’s going to be giving me a hand to show you more about what the ISCQC is all about.

I’ll send you all the details tomorrow, but right now…

…I Need YOUR Help!

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My web team is working overtime on getting the new training site underway and you’re going to be blown away by all the cool features we’ve stocked it full of.

But this is YOUR ISCQC so I wanted to make sure that you also had a say in what types of features we have available.

For example…

  • Would you like to be able to network with other members more?
  • Are you looking for LIVE training events to come to?
  • Are you interested in a forum on the site where you can post questions and offer your own tips?
  • Would you like to post your own videos?

Basically what I’m asking is for you to break out your “magic wand” and help INVENT the *new* ISCQC!

So please leave a comment below on the blog and tell us ANYTHING you’d like to see as far as “online training” within the new site.

The sky’s the limit!  No idea is too small or too big!

Just let your imagination run wild and dream away, ok?

You have my permission! 😉

Just leave your ideas below and let’s get the conversation rolling…

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