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Which Is More Effective In A Real Street Fight: Fist Or Palm Heel?

Ok, THIS oughta open up a can of worms, eh?

The debate between which striking technique works best for a “real street fight” has always been one that gets the blood boiling of die hard martial arts practitioners and close quarters combat enthusiasts.

Here’s how I approached it once in one of my Close Quarters Combat seminars…

I asked the class if they would be willing to volunteer to go over to the cement wall and punch it (hard!) with their fist.

What? No takers? Hmmmm…

Ok, so next was “Who would be willing to go over there and hit it (hard) with a strong, open handed, palm-heel?

Ahhhh…now we got some hands in the air?

Why is that?

Simple…even your subconscious knows that it’s very easy to damage your hand striking a hard surface (like someone’s jaw). But we naturally understand that we can put a LOT of force behind a palm heel and not subject ourselves to the knuckle- and wrist-destroying impact a traditional punch could bring on.

In fact, even in mixed martial arts competitions like the UFC (back when they didn’t wear gloves), there were plenty of reports of guys nursing broken fingers and strained wrists after punching in a bout.

And watch some of the clips of Bas Rutten in his UFC and other fights! Bas Rutten was a MASTER at exploding on his opponents with a fury of open handed palm-heel strikes that they couldn’t recover from!

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