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Self Defense Weapons: Defeating The “Club Shove”

In self-defense, weapons can make a big difference.

But what happens when you’re not the one with the self defense weapon?

What happens when your opponent has, say, a club, a bat, or a tire iron, and he holds his “self defense” weapon in both hands to push you off as if he were some sort of riot cop?

At best, you may take a few inconsequential blows, but the club in front of your opponent serves like the bumper of a car, moving you back without hurting him.

It also forms a barrier through which you can’t fight, and that’s why he’s using it.

If you’re not careful, you could take a brutal blow to the face from the length of the club.

There IS something you can do, however…

You Can Pull A Weapons Reversal!

With a self defense weapon reversal, the odds turn in your favor because the weapon is in YOUR hands. Follow these steps:

Self Defense Weapon Reversal, Step One:

As he comes forward with the club held before him, go over or under with one of your arms, diving down between his body and the club.

Self Defense Weapon Reversal, Step Two:

Swing your arm up in a circular motion in front of your body (so if you use your right arm, it would circle in a clockwise direction) and come under his arm anywhere between his wrist and elbow to get the right leverage.

Self Defense Weapon Reversal, Step Three:

As you continue this motion, the leverage will be so great that he HAS to let go.

At this point, you can strip that bat right out of his hands.

Once you do, not only is he off balance, but you will notice that the club should actually end up smack in your own hand!

You might have been tempted to think that a self-defense weapon held before the body isn’t much of a threat, but as we’ve just seen, it certainly can be.

An impact weapon does not have to be swung in order to hurt you.

Self-defense for your opponent is assault for you, because he wants to go home unhurt just like you do.

The difference is that he doesn’t mind hurting you to get what he wants.

A self-defense weapon is a force multiplier… but you want to make sure YOU are the one doing the multiplying.

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