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Self Defense Escape Technique Uses Old Playground Trick!

One of the most dangerous self-defense situations is one that involves multiple attackers.

It’s bad enough to face someone on the street when he’s bigger and stronger than you.

When you face a group of people who outnumber you, even if they’re smaller than you, as a group they can very easily kill you.

If they get you down onto the ground and then start stomping you, their boots may be the least thing you ever see.

Your priority, then, is to ESCAPE such a scenario.

Escape is not cowardly.

You’re not “backing down” or otherwise making yourself look bad.

If the odds are stacked against you and there is very little chance you can win, only a fool would insist on fighting and ending up being crippled or killed.

Most self defense instructors would rightfully advise you to run away from the fight.

But there’s something that a lot of people don’t take into account:

What If Your Attackers Are FASTER Than You?

Unless you’re an Olympic athlete, it’s very possible that one or more of your attackers in a real street fight may be able to catch up to you while you run away.

If they do, then there’s no doubt that you’re going to have to fight and defend yourself only now you’re completely winded, right?

Maybe not.

In fact, here’s a weird self-defense escape technique that you can use to get away when they’re running faster than you…

Self Defense Escape Technique Against Multiple Attackers

Ok, do you remember the games we used to play in grade school?

One that us boys played was a cruel rite of passage for 3rd grade called “Johnny Tackle”.

It was a bit like rugby where one boy had the ball and everyone else’s job was to tackle him and smear his face into the ground.

But some of us knew a little escape trick when you knew there was someone right on your heels, ready to take you out…and you can adapt this weird self-defense escape technique for real-life like this:

Weird Self-Defense Escape Technique, Step One:

As you’re running away from one or more attackers, you realize that the person behind you is faster.

You need to use your EARS and anything around you, such as reflections in window glass, to help you determine exactly how far off the pursuer is.

Weird Self-Defense Escape Technique, Step Two:

Wait until your attacker is right on top of you.

This is important, because if you act too early, the technique won’t work and you’ll just be gift-wrapping yourself for your attackers.

You don’t want to telegraph this self defense move.

Weird Self-Defense Escape Technique, Step Three:

At the last possible second, just when you hear your attacker within about an arm’s length away, quickly drop to the ground into a fetal position, forming an instant obstacle.

Your attacker won’t be able to react in time and will trip over you, likely falling hard to the ground.

Once the opponent is on the ground, you can quickly jump up and counterattack HIM, stomping and kicking him or simply using his crash as your opportunity to escape in self defense.

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