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Self Defense Comes In Many Forms…

Self defense comes in many different forms.

From the Karate Gi to military fatigues or biker boots, self defense styles and philosophies wear many labels and uniforms.

And depending upon the form it takes, self defense can be considered an art, a science, a sport, or a combination of all three.

In reality, self defense is a broad brush used to paint the connecting dots between hundreds of different branches of fighting styles and techniques.

And what distinguishes self defense from aggressive combat is sometimes difficult or impossible to pinpoint, because within each confrontation there are many miniature battles and contests.

When you’re protecting yourself…THAT is self defense. And sometimes attacking an opponent with proactive aggressive tactics is realistic self defense, even if it takes the form of an offensive assault.

Ultimately, pure self defense is designed to protect us from an attack, so it is essentially a system of counter-attacks or reactions to force.

But if someone throws a punch and we block it with enough force, we might break their arm, making self defense rather violent…even in the eyes of the court.

How many times do we hear about a court case involving a killing that was done in self defense?

The legal system defines self defense with a narrow interpretation, and since those who practice self defense are often subjected to legal scrutiny, it is a good idea to study your local laws at the same time that you study martial arts or another form of self defense training.

What you learn from attorneys might save you in court…

…and staying out of jail is at least as important in terms of true self defense as a Bruce Lee 1-inch punch.

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