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Self Defense Against A Stick, Baseball Bat Or Club: Myths Exposed!


Martial arts techniques for stick fighting self defense against a club, baseball bat, tire iron or other impact weapon often use unrealistic street fight situations.

Chalk this one up to inexperience when it comes to how real street fights happen when weapons are involved.

An attacker armed with a club is perhaps even more deadly than someone armed with an edged weapon.

They have a longer reach…can do just as much damage (scratch that…MORE damage) in a shorter time period…and can put a LOT of power behind their strikes.

So what’s wrong with the common stick fighting or club defense techniques?


For example…

Forget Trying To Dodge An Impact Weapon!

If someone wants to hit you with a club, bat or other impact weapon, they’re going to do it.  Period!

You’re NOT going to be able to dodge the bat until you see an “opening” like you see in the movies. You’re NOT going to be able to duck under the blow and counter with your famous right cross.  And if you’re on the ground, your attacker is NOT going to miss splitting your head open like a ripe casaba melon while your expertly roll left and right just in the nick of time.

Training to “dodge” out of the way while your attacker wildly swings the bat at your head or midsection is unrealistic and you should NEVER train this way!

Forget Trying To “Block” An Impact Weapon!

Ok, arguably you may be able to time your attack just right to use the club’s momentum for a disarm…

…in the relaxed atmosphere of a dojo!

But if you think you’re going to be nice and calm and catch a 150 mph baseball bat headed toward your cranium, then I suggest you get all padded up and try it with someone with a real bat and real intent on taking your head off.  I’ve seen it and it’s an eye-opener.

Stop trying to block and counter!

Your Only 2 Self Defense Techniques Against A Stick Or Club:

First one is easy…RUN!  If you can outrun your attacker, go for it.

Second options is a bit balls-ier, but it’s often the most appropriate…

Strike FIRST!

As soon as you see someone pull out a tire iron from their trunk or baseball bat from behind their seat, if you’re close enough, you need to strike BEFORE they get the opportunity to rear back and swing.  The sooner you catch them off guard, the better chance you have of never giving them an option to use their weapon.

Even if they are able to begin their swing, the real damage results from a blow from the end of the stick, club, or bat.  If you’ve gained your forward momentum and launched a close quarters attack quickly enough, the only section of their weapon that will hit you will be near their hands and there’s no real harm as a result.

By the time they finish their swing, you’ll have already served them their own head on a silver platter.

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