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Breaking News: Woman “Tricks” Two Home Invaders (Kills One)!

Finally a home invasion story that doesn’t end up with lowlife scumbags getting the best of honest citizens!

In a recent story, a woman “tricked” two criminals about to rape her.

Her preferred method of “safe sex”?

A S&W .38 Special!

Here’s how she fought back and turned the tables on her attackers…

Oklahoma Break-In Turns Deadly When ‘Victim’ Pulls Gun And Fires

One gun isn’t enough.

That was what Linda Smith (a pseudonym) was thinking after two thugs broke into her Oklahoma apartment.

One was holding a weapon (she initially thought it was a knife but it turned out to be a screwdriver) at her throat, and the other was pacing back and forth while holding her purse and demanding her money and valuables. She screamed, and was told if she screamed again, she’d be dead.

She was doing as police recommend in robberies – comply with a robber’s demands. But her Lady Smith & Wesson .38 special, which she carries by permit, was hidden in her purse – and the purse was being held by one of the attackers.

Then the situation, suddenly, got much, much worse: One of the robbers demanded that she take off her clothes.

“Come on, what are you waiting for,” he told her as he started to yank on her sweatpants, trying to take them off.

Here’s everything you need to know about “Home Defense”

Smith pleaded for her safety and distracted the attackers by telling them she would get her money, which was “in my purse.”

The robbers inexplicably allowed her to drop to her knees and crawl across the floor to her purse, which the second attacker had dropped.

She reached inside, and the first shot was clear of the muzzle and into the torso of one of the attackers before she even pulled the weapon clear of the purse. Four more shots followed shortly and, in the end, one of the attackers was dead and the second was hospitalized facing a murder rap for having participated in a felony in which someone died.

Smith, in an exclusive interview with WND, explained she comes from a family that believes in self-reliance and courage.

“I choose to carry a concealed firearm, because even though I am immensely grateful for the protection from our police departments, I realize they’re not God, so they can’t be everywhere at once.

“Deadly situations can happen in the blink of an eye,” she said. “If you are not proactive … you are a vulnerable target.”

Now there’s one other extremely important lesson here…

Many gun owners feel safe and secure because they “own” a gun.

If they’re safety conscious, they keep it locked in a safe or at least out of the way where it’s not a threat but still easily accessible should someone break into their home.

But What If You CAN’T Get To Your Gun?

I don’t care if you’re packing a .22 pea-shooter or a 155 howitzer, a gun is only good to you if you can get your finger on the trigger and have the business end pointed center mass at the dumbass who decided you looked like an easy target.

That’s why you absolutely MUST know the “sneaky tactics” that transform your home and family safehaven into a “House Of Horrors” for home invaders!

“Gun owner overconfidence” was the entire reason we at the ISCQC developed our “Home Defense Tactics” program for how to survive a home invasion.

And we broke out all of the nastiest tricks we could come up with that will take any attacker by surprise and make them wish they never set foot in your home.

Secrets like:

  • The absolute WORST MISTAKE every “real man” makes  after being taken hostage that actually works AGAINST your odds of escaping with your family alive. (You’ll recognize this as your first instinctual reaction. Do it and you’re likely to get yourself or a family member killed as a result of your actions!) Page 40
  • What if you had to rescue a loved one being held somewhere in your house? The “room clearing” strategies you’ll discover on pages 41-47 will instantly grant you the tactical skills of a high level S.W.A.T. team member!
  • How to create the perfect “safe room that will act as a powerful force field between you and any madman trying to claw his way to your family. Pages 23-26
  • The “corridor of death”! Know your home’s “fatal tunnels” that make your vulnerable to a sneak attack! Pages 45-46
  • What caliber handgun is best for stopping a madman in his tracks? (You may be surprised at the “truth” you find on page 33…and rethink your current weapon selection!)

This doesn’t even scratch the surface of what you need to know, nor the jam-packed strategies that are included in the most comprehensive home defense program on the planet.

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