Jeff Anderson

Lions, Crocodiles, Buffalo…And FLIGHT 93!

Ever see those videos where some woman is getting the shit kicked out of her by her drunken boyfriend and bystanders seem to just stand by and watch?

Yeah, I get it…

…not EVERYONE has it in them to do what’s right.

After all, you may get hurt yourself, right?

Look, I’m not judging.  Everyone has to make their own decision to “get involved” and I don’t fault someone for choosing their own safety over another’s.  It’s a personal decision.

All I’m saying is that if BUFFALO can…And the passengers of Flight 93 can…

…then all it may take is YOU to look to the guy NEXT to you and then you have two.

Look around and you may find a third…a fifth…a tenth!

Ahhh…look at that!  Now the numbers are in YOUR favor, eh?

Check out this video.  It’s long…but worth every precious moment!

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