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Justified Lethal Force vs. The Asocial Criminal

A few days ago, I was on the phone with my friend Tim Larkin of the “TFT Group”.

I was telling Tim about the insane response my newsletter subscribers had to my story on the home invasion story where a woman killed one of the two scumbags who broke into her apartment to rape her.

Nearly everyone on my blog was happy to see the Earth minus one more waste of oxygen, but the topic came up about whether her actions were considered “justified”.

Tim’s response?

“When deciding whether you have what it takes to possibly use ‘lethal force’ in self defense, you must understand the mind of the asocial criminal you’ll likely face.”

These Misfits Of Society Go Straight From Being
Social One Moment…To DREADED KILLERS The Next!

And They Do It In A Heartbeat!

In fact, Tim filmed an entire DVD series dedicated to knowing WHEN to make the decision…

…and then HOW to exploit your attacker’s weak points to take them out in a matter of mere SECONDS!

Here’s A Short Video Excerpt From
Tim Larkin’s “Justified Lethal Force” DVD’s…

As you can see from this video, this was LIVE FOOTAGE of one of Tim’s private training session with Federal Officers.

This is the same exact training given to the guys on the “front line” who have to be prepared to face life-or-death raw violence at a moment’s notice.

There’s Just One Problem…

The “Justified Lethal Force” DVD Set Is No Longer Available!

Well, that is until I twisted Tim’s tree trunk of an arm way up behind his back and made him say, “Ok, ok Jeff!  I give!  I’ll release a small number of the DVD’s…but just for YOUR subscribers!”

Then I let him go. 😉

So here’s the deal…

It’s 100% true that this DVD set is no longer available to the public.  If you go to Tim’s site, you won’t find it ANYWHERE!

But because so many of you were jacked up about the topic of “Justified Lethal Force”, Tim’s going to let me offer you the entire set with a TON of cool bonuses THIS WEEK ONLY and at a deep, deep discount.

Legal Self Defense Training

Click Here For Tim’s Exclusive
“Limited Time” Offer
To My Subscribers Only >>

This is RAW, HARDCORE FOOTAGE that gives you a virtual PhD in “legal self defense” when you’re facing the nastiest dipshits of society!

It answers ALL of the questions you may have about when you have the legal right to defend yourself and HOW to do it so you don’t find yourself plastered on the evening news in a mugshot!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s covered in the program:

  • The 2 keys to surviving violence. Use them… and you live. But if he claims them first, you die. It really is this simple!
  • The secret of learning to “feel” an attack. Unlike the movies or sport competition or martial arts where everything to worry about is conveniently in front of you, you’ll likely never see real violence coming. You’ll hear this discussed right up front on DVD #1.
  • Here’s 1 fact even the “experts” get wrong: the human body can take one hell of a lot of trauma and keep right on functioning during a lethal struggle. But there’s one thing the body can NOT take… and it’s the one thing Target Focus Training uniquely focuses on.
  • The surprising secret nobody understands: why causing injury helps keep you from needing to kill. It opened wide the eyes of these Agents… and especially their top brass.

We’re Talking Over 6 HOURS Of Extreme Survival Secrets!

But That’s When I Got Nasty…

I decided to crank Tim’s arm just a little bit harder (he’s a big boy…he can take it! ;-)) and I got him to cough up (get this…)

Lethal Leverage Self Defense DVD Training5 MORE DVD’S…FREE!

Lethal Leverage:
Unleash Your Ability
To Literally “BREAK”
Your Attacker Into Pieces!

Needless to say, I STRONGLY suggest you grab these DVD’s NOW because this Sunday, the entire deal comes off the table!

Even if you go back to Tim’s website, you’re not going to be able to get a copy of this training (let alone at the huge discount he’s offering)!

Click Here For Tim’s Exclusive “Limited Time” Offer
To My Subscribers Only >>

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