Jeff Anderson

Quick ISCQC Re-Launch Update

Well, I’ve certainly kept the ISCQC Tech Team busy with my dump truck load of new tasks based upon your recent suggestions for additions to the new membership site.

But you had such great input, I felt it was worth it to launch with a big bang instead of doing a bunch of “coming soon” posts, you know?

In any case, it looks like we’re on track for a big push next week and we’ll all be working through the weekend (I’m such a slave driver!) to make sure we git ‘er done! 😉

I’ll touch base with everyone again on Monday to keep you up to date, ok?

Thanks for your patience everyone!

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson

The International Society Of Close Quarter Combatants

P.S. – Don’t forget about our big B.O.B. Training Dummy giveaway!  We’re still going to announce the winner 2 weeks after we launch and I can’t wait to get a photo from the new member posing next to B.O.B.!

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