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Good News…Bad News…and GREAT News!

Ok, first the good news…

You spoke…we listened!

Last week I asked you to wave your magic wand and help design the NEW ISCQC membership training portal.

There was no lack of creativity and y’all came up with some AMAZING suggestions!

After reading through the list of 155 SUGGESTIONS, I set my tech team to work (HARD work! 😉

Here are some of the most popular suggestions and our responses:

Wanted: Member Forum
Status: DONE!

My team went out and found a great forum template that will allow all members to now ask questions and share tips among each other.

This was something that was missing from the “old” ISCQC site and interaction was sadly not available.

But the new site will now have the forum so many of you all requested!

Wanted: Video Training
Status: DONE!

This was one of the main training features of our old site but we’ve now created an even BETTER viewing format!

In fact, not only will you receive WEEKLY training videos from over 50 of the world’s top combatives & survival instructors…

…but you’ll even be able to COMMENT on them yourself, ask questions, get answers, and more!

There will be two new training videos for you each and every week to keep your training fresh!

Wanted: Audio Podcasts
Status: DONE!

I’ve already called up some of my inside contacts within the combatives community and told them to plan on doing more short interviews with me!

You’ll find them in a special “Audio Training” section of the new site that my tech team JUST got finished creating for you!

Wanted: “More Interaction”
Status: Working on this one!

Not sure how this is going to work out but our ISCQC tech team has taken this request and they’re feverishly working on ways they can allow our members to connect more and share their thoughts.

We’re living in an age where this SHOULD be easier (with sites like Facebook, etc.), but the technology is kind of tricky.

More to follow on this.

Wanted: More training for “older” members
Status: Hmmmmm…

It may surprise you to know that over HALF of our current customers, members, and subscribers are “over 50”.

While the whole purpose of the new age of self defense is to NOT rely on strength or size (many of the techniques we offer strive for this), we realize that there are special considerations for those who have limited mobility or reduced strength.

One thing I’m thinking of is perhaps appointing something of a “Senior Self Defense Moderator” (although I don’t know if “senior” fits).

Maybe this would be an…um…”older” member who can act as a liason or group moderator on the ISCQC forum who directs the conversation and helps connect questions with answers?

I’m curious what those of you reading this think about this and please share your comments at the bottom of this post, ok?

Wanted: Equipment Reviews
Status: DONE!

We’re carving out a special section just for those products, services, websites that we’ve personally checked and feel would be of benefit to our mission of survival.

Wanted: More “Women’s Self Defense”
Status: Working on this one!

While we’ve always been an open organization (it’s NOT a “he-man women-haters club! ;-)), one thing we’ve lacked is having a powerful woman instructor in our network.

Actually, there aren’t very many women that are mainstream in the “reality” field.

I have a few women I know who I think would make a great addition to the network and I’m reaching out to them now.

Those are the big-ees for now.

But Now Comes The “Bad News”…

With all the additions we’re trying to get in place, it looks like we’re NOT going to make our launch time of 12 Noon on Tuesday, August 31st!


I’ve been buzzing for the last month with anticipation for the “big day”.

Oh well…foiled by technology yet again! 😉

But I’d rather do it RIGHT than push out the new site with lots of glitches, right?

Now the ISCQC tech team is working late into the night to do what they can.

With a little bit of God’s grace, luck, and maybe a chicken sacrifice, we may be up and running, but at this point, I’m going to predict a Wednesday or Thursday launch to make sure that things are 100% AWESOME!

Sorry about that folks! 🙁

But let me make it up to you…

Now Here’s The GREAT News…

BOB Training Dummy

FREE To One Lucky ISCQC Member!

We really wanted to start our launch off with a huge *BANG* (like from a 155mm howitzer! Hoo-ah!)

So we’re announcing a giant “MEMBERSHIP DRIVE” with an incredible prize to one lucky ISCQC member!

Here’s the deal…

Anyone who signs up as a new member of the ISCQC in the first 7 days of our launch will be eligible to win a Century Body Opponent Bag (B.O.B.) Training Dummy on us!

We’ll be randomly drawing one name from our new members on Friday, September 10th and that person will be sent a free training dummy courtesy of the ISCQC.  (Int’l winner will receive the USD value of the dummy instead.)

We have a lot more surprises in store for you so keep an eye out tomorrow for an update, ok?

And thanks for your patience and understanding!
Jeff Anderson
~ Jeff

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