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Announcement: The NEW International Society Of Close Quarter Combatants

Yesterday I promised a BIG, BIG announcement, right?

Well, here’s the story…

In October 2005, I largely stepped away from my role as a combatives instructor because I saw a real problem in the survival community.

One that NO ONE seemed to identify and NO ONE was stepping in to do anything about.

More and more people were adopting a “street” style of fighting that was largely based upon the old WWI & WWII close quarters combat training.

In short, we had all waken to the reality that “real fights” don’t happen the way we were training for them in the dojo.

Even more importantly, the criminal world wasn’t playing fair!

And so, “reality based self defense” was born…

…and the knuckleheads were coming out of the woodwork!

Egos, Fakes, & “Black Ops Assassins”

Pretty soon, everyone was claiming to have “killed more ninjas” than the next guy and THIS was why you needed to buy their DVD set.

Phony stories of training the Navy SEALS and working for clandestine ops groups that couldn’t be mentioned were everywhere.

Much of what was being taught was really nothing more than Karate 101 from an instructor with a mask over his head or some other goofy stunt.

But the fact remained that “reality based” training was needed…and growing in leaps and bounds!

ISCQC: The World’s Premier Reality Based Training Resource

In 2005, I pulled together a group of hand-selected combatives instructors who I personally knew were “top notch”.

This was the start of the “International Society of Close Quarter Combatants”, a member-based organization focused on advancing the concepts of “reality based” training for street defense.

The ISCQC served as a training ground for an inner circle of every day men and women who were serious about their survival.

It included cutting edge training like:

  • Weekly video lessons
  • Monthly online workshops
  • Seminar calendars; and
  • Self Defense articles

Within a year, we had grown to be one of the largest combatives organizations (perhaps THE largest) and the only one that networked with over 50 of the world’s top instructors to provide ongoing training to its members.

But there was a problem…

Unfortunately, we had to close the doors on the ISCQC (temporarily) because of several technical problems with our training site.

I don’t want to get all “techie” on you, but let’s just say that entire chunks of our website began disappearing into a black hole.

It’s taken us well over a year to completely rebuild the ISCQC…

…and we’re coming back with a VENGEANCE!

Announcing the *NEW* ISCQC…

Ok, I need you to MARK YOUR CALENDAR for this date:

August 31st @ 12PM CENTRAL

That’s the date and time that we will officially open up the doors to the ISCQC and begin accepting new members.

But this is NOT just some rinky-dink “association” that takes your registration money and allows you to simply call yourself a “member”.

We dish out some SERIOUS training!

Over the coming 2 weeks, I’m going to be revealing some of the amazing new features we’re adding and even give you some FREE TRAINING opportunities.

I want you to see what we’re all about BEFORE our official launch date!

In fact, I have quite a few surprises for you that will start TOMORROW and slowly drip out over the next few weeks.

What to do now…

Nothing. 😉

I’ll take care of everything and all I ask is that you pay close attention to the emails I’ll be sending out over the next few weeks leading up to August 31st.

I have a lot in store for you and you’re not going to want to miss it.

I promise! 😉

Talk to you tomorrow!

Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson

The International Society Of Close Quarter Combatants

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