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How To Win A Street Fight: Forward Drive!

Want to know how to win a real street fight?

Let’s first look at one of the biggest self defense mistakes you’ll see on the street…

You see, in many street fights caught on tape, two people will stand there, trading blows back and forth.

Both parties are simply trying to win a street fight by being the first to land the best lucky blow.

That is not self-defense.

That is foolishly punching away, exhausting yourself in the process.

Even worse, as soon as your attacker gets in a good punch, your natural reaction will be to cover up, giving every ability to pound away at you while you try to defend yourself.

Here’s what you need to do instead…

The Secret For How To Win A Street Fight

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If you want to win a street fight, you have to switch from self defense to self “offense”.

What I mean is that you have to take the attack to the person you’re fighting and create “forward drive” momentum.

Basically this means moving forward with your body to unbalance your attacker and get his brain and his body reacting to your attack as opposed to focusing on attacking you.

By displacing your attacker, you take away his structure and ability to counter-attack and likely causing him to fall or stumble backwards so you can follow up with other self defense techniques.

Here’s how to do it…

How To Create “Forward Drive”
In A Real Street Fight

The easiest way to train yourself to own the offense and create forward drive in a real street fight is to simply look at it as replacing your attacker’s body with your own when you strike him.

When you step in to punch, you want to move your entire body forward, stepping in and making sure that you get your feet at least at the point of your opponent’s center of gravity or beyond it.

The best self defense techniques to use for this close quarters combat move are such strikes as palm heels, elbow strikes, and forearm strikes.

As you step and strike, covering your body at the same time, you come in – you hit – and at the same time, move your body into the opponent’s spot.

In A Real Street Fight,
Don’t Stop Until HE Stops!

In any self defense scenario, you never stop fighting until your attacker stops being a threat.

That’s why when you step in with this forward drive, you keep on moving forward, driving through and following up with other strikes.

By remaining balanced and mobile, you completely take away your attacker’s structure and ability to fight back.

This is one of the key concepts you must master to win a real street fight and is key to your successful self defense.

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