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How To Survive Prison!

I have a confession to make…

There’s a skeleton in my closet.

Well, more like a skeleton in my family tree.

You see, I have a cousin who grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and got into drugs early on.

All attempts to turn him from the “dark side” failed. He just KNEW he was a drug-dealer and that’s that.

Guess he didn’t believe the judge when she told him about the “3 strikes” rule.

3rd time he was sent to the big house in Arizona!

He was in for nearly a year (out on good behavior), and while we’re not really close family, I couldn’t help ask him one of the biggest questions I’ve always had…

…what are the SECRETS to surviving prison?

We all fear it, don’t we?

One day you’re coming home from work, thinking of kissing your kids on the cheek and finding out what the Mrs. has planned for dinner and then *WHAM*…

…some innocent bystander stepped into the road while you were changing the radio dial!

A few months later, you’re doing time for the crime (It happens! Hell…people have been put in jail for killing muggers for crying out loud!)

Anyway, just in case you ever get put in the slammer, here are the tips my cousin shared with me:

Staying In Shape In Prison

If you’re small and weak, or fat and out of shape, you’re easy pickings for the bullies looking to add some ego points to their cell-cred.

Use your time during lockdown in your cell to do pushups, crunches and handstand presses to keep your upper body strong and your abs tight.

Out in the yard, STAY AWAY from the iron pit Unless you’re already stacked with muscle like a steroid-juiced mutant!

This is where the big boys hang out and they don’t take kindly to pipsqueeks entering their territory.

Avoiding Prison Rape

If you’re seen as weak and you’re in a high security prison, you’re likely to be targeted for assault.

There are different “classes” of violation in prison and your goal is to be in the “men’s” group.

These are the guys who have never been “penetrated”. Once you are, you lose your status and you’re on the “fair game” list. Not good.

If you’re targeted, fight back as viciously and loudly as possible.

One other thing…that tough guy that’s befriending you and showing you the ropes out of the kindness of your heart?

He’s setting you up!

One option you have is to STRIKE FIRST!

Fighting In Prison

Unless you’ve been brought up in a gang and are experienced in fighting, you’re about to get schooled quick.

That haymaker punch you used in high school will get you stomped on quick in prison.

You need to take this predator out with ONE STRIKE!

Two things will happen:

1. You’re likely to get paid back for the beating. Deal with it and stand your ground.

Weakness is the worst attribute you can have in prison and you’re guaranteed to attract many more attempts at taking you down if you’re easy prey.

2. You’ll at least have some respect that you took out a respected player in the system and that’s the start of moving up the scale.

If you don’t know how to drop a seasoned gangbanger twice your size, it’s not as hard as you think.

I cover some of the most brutal “one-shot destroyers” in my book “Street Fighting Uncaged” at

This “how-to” guide shows in graphic detail the most vulnerable spots on the human body and the simplest way to use them to your advantage to cripple, maim, or even kill a grown man intent on making you his “queen”.

Using these techniques will help protect your life (and your “manhood”) but it may also buy you a possibility of getting into a competing gang for protection.

Take it.

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