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How To Knock Someone Out With One Punch!

From boxing to street fighting, the uppercut is one of the most powerful strikes for
how to knock someone out with one punch.

Unfortunately, despite its power, the uppercut also has its disadvantages when it comes to fighting.

I’ll explain why and also show you a simple trick you can use to make your uppercut an even more effective self defense technique to knock someone out:

How To Knock Someone Out With One Punch

First, let me explain why the uppercut is such a great self defense technique for how to knock someone out.  You see, when an uppercut comes in, it does so from below the attacker’s field of vision so he won’t see your punch coming until it’s too late. This means that your strike has a better chance of reaching its target and less chance of being blocked.  That also means a better chance to knock someone out.

When the uppercut hits the opponent under the chin, it slams his head back.  Besides jarring the brain, this whiplash effect triggers the nerves in spine as the skull slams back and down into them.  This is one of the main reasons why the uppercut has earned such a reputation as a knockout blow.

Another strength of the uppercut is that it takes advantage of the body’s centerline.  Your centerline is the area that runs vertically along the body and is difficult to protect.  The path of the uppercut comes up and in along the centerline, shooting straight up the body and targeting the chin for a one punch knockout blow.

But there is a problem with the uppercut as well.  For one, the chin is a relatively small target.  Since in a real self defense scenario, you won’t be wearing boxing gloves, there’s a good chance your punch will miss its target.  Even worse, when you do make contact, it’s very easy to fold your wrist over, potentially breaking or straining it.

There is a solution however.  Instead of using the traditional knuckle punch for your uppercut, throw the same strike but with the palm of your hand, using the hard area just above your wrist instead of your knuckles.  You still have all the benefits of the blind attack up the body’s centerline, and you’ll deliver incredible power, but you’re much less likely to be injured from your punch.

Of course, you may not get a knockout from your uppercut so you must be prepared to follow up with other self defense techniques.  Fortunately, using your palm for an uppercut has its advantages there as well.  For example, you could choose to follow your strike with a clawing rake down the face.  You could also grab the back of the head, turning the blow into a clinch and knee-strike.  Even if you miss with your palm heel, you’ll be in the perfect position for these follow-ups, which can be delivered explosively and brutally to defend yourself in a real street fight.

In summary, the palm heel strike under the chin has all of the uppercut’s strengths and none of its liabilities. It gives you more options in a real street fight, both as fail-safes and as follow-ups.  An uppercut is a powerful strike, but a palm-heel delivered in the same way is simply a much more effective self defense technique for how to knock someone out with one punch.

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