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One Punch Knockout Hammer Fist Self Defense Technique

How To Knock Someone Out With One PunchImagine possessing the power to knock someone out with one punch.

Don’t see it very often, do you?

Problem is, no matter how much you practice your self defense techniques, Under the stress and adrenaline of a real street fight, your fine motor skills suffer.

This makes it very difficult to use the fancy martial arts techniques you’d learn in a traditional fighting system. The reality is that all you have available in a real street fight is gross motor skills, or basic self defense moves.  In other words, a typical punch isn’t very easy to perform under stress, at least if you’re trying to knock someone out with one punch.

Fortunately there’s a better self defense technique for getting a one-punch knockout…

How To Knock Someone Out With One Punch
The Hammer Fist Self Defense Technique

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The hammer fist strike is one of the most powerful self defense techniques you can use in a real street fight. It’s comprised of basic gross motor skills, using the bottom part of your fist, not the knuckles, right near the wrist where your hand and arm are most rigid for your striking surface. You perform the hammer fist in self-defense exactly like you’re driving a nail with an invisible hammer. If you hit the right target with a hammer fist, you can, in fact, knock someone out with one punch.

Hammer Fist Targeting To Knock Someone Out

The primary target for the hammer fist self defense technique is the jaw. In fact, you may have heard of a boxer having a “glass jaw.” This is because the jaw, which moves back and forth as well as up and down, is connected to nerves where the jaw connects to the skull, just below the bottom of the ear. Those nerves send signals to the body’s central nervous system and make a powerful target to cause an immediate knockout if hit correctly. Here’s how to punch this target to achieve a knockout…

How To Strike The Jaw For A
One Punch Knockout

You essentially now have two targets you can strike with a hammer first self defense technique. You could strike the jaw where it connects to the skull, hitting directly where these nerves intersect. Another options is to strike the bottom of the chin with a hammer fist, punching horizontally, which gives you more leverage and creates more shock to the central nervous system. Just be sure that when you throw your hammer fist that you are close enough to strike powerfully. Keep your elbow close to your own body so you have the full power of your entire weight in the strike, keeping your hand and wrist rigid.

Advanced Self Defense Sneak Attack
For A One Punch Knockout

In a real street fight, people naturally tuck their chins down to protect their throats and they will clench their teeth instinctively if they think they might get struck. Therefore, the best time to strike the jaw or the chin is when your opponent is talking and his mouth is open. For maximum effect in self defense, time your hammer fist for while your attacker is trash-talking to inform you that he’s about to kick your ass. His threat justifies you using self defense and with his mouth moving, his jaw is in the perfect position for a hammer fist strike to knock someone out with one punch.

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