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How To Knock Someone Out With A Headbutt!

Want to know how to knock someone out with one blow?

Without a doubt, one of the most effective close-quarters combat strategies for instantly ending a street fight is the headbutt.

Smashing an opponent’s face into the crown of your head uses one of your body’s naturally hardened weapons on one of the opponent’s naturally vulnerable spots.

What most people don’t realize when considering how to knock someone out with a headbutt, however, is that the most common method of delivering this technique isn’t the most effective method.

Let me explain…

Why Most Guys Don’t Know
How To Knock Someone Out With A Headbutt

Most people, when they think about how to knock someone out this way, will grab the back of the opponent’s neck, then drag or pull his face down into the crown of the head.

What that neck grab does, though, is prime your opponent for action.

He feels those hands on the back of his neck and his body subconsciously knows that you intend to pull him forward.

In response, his shoulders will tense and his hands will come up as he prepares, instinctively, to resist you.

Those tensed shoulders will make it extremely hard for you to pull him down into your headbutt with any real force, even if you’re on the inside of a clinch with him.

The most effective way to knock someone out with a headbutt is to use a whiplash effect.

Using A Headbutt Whiplash To Knock Someone Out

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This works particularly well when your opponent isn’t expecting the technique.

To do this, you simply reach forward, grab his shirt with both hands, and push him away from you while hanging on to him.

He will react naturally and automatically to your shove because you’ve put him off balance.

His shoulders will disengage and his arms and head will lurch forward due to his body quickly moving backwards.

The secret for how to knock someone out is to use that rear momentum and body reaction to your advantage.

In a split second as you push your attacker forward by the shirt and he’s off balance, sharply pull his body back toward you while tucking your chin to your chest, creating a stable striking surface.

As his arms naturally flail backward and his head snaps back, this whiplash motion will create an immense amount of forward momentum while bringing his face crashing into the crown of your head.

By moving his body first in one direction and then the other in rapid succession, your attacker becomes a rag doll in your hands.

The amount of force generated at the point of contact causes an immense amount of trauma to the body and overwhelms the central nervous system, likely causing a knockout in one blow.

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