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How much?!!!! (You tell me…)

Ok, now EVERYONE seems to be buzzing about the relaunch of the new ISCQC!

I love it! 😉

Our Tech Team is living on coffee and I have 10 120-watt light bulbs on 24 hours in the office to make everyone think it’s “daytime” even at 2am so we can get this new site launched ASAP!

We’re already 3 hours past the day/time I WANTED to launch (hint, hint techies!) but I’m getting hourly updates and we’re still looking at either a Wed (hopefully) or Thur (probably) launch.

But now, I have to ask you…

…how much do YOU think the new membership should cost?!

Your Input Needed On Membership Pricing:

Ok, here’s the deal…

Our goal with our Association is NOT to fund a new Lamborghini for the Anderson residence.  Mini-van is the way I roll! 😉

But frankly, when we offered pricing as low as $9.97 per month in the past, we got a bunch of lame knuckleheads joining that weren’t really serious (and were sometimes just downright obnoxious!)

Our “old” pricing used to be $19.95 per month and included the basics of “weekly videos” and “a monthly webinar” along with a new downloadable ebook each month.

Not much, but the training and interviews were top notch and we’ve had people who stayed on as members for the full 5 years we ran with that service.

But now we’ve GREATLY increased the features and I’d like your input on what you think you would be “fair” and something that would entice you to remain an ACTIVE member for years to come (which is my goal!).

First, here’s what we’re working on for training features:

  • Weekly Training Videos (from our exclusive instructor network)
  • Instructor Interview Access (1/Month)
  • “Gun Talk” Radio Show Access (1/Month)
  • “Combat Q&A” Radio Show Access (1/Month)
  • “Survival Talk” Radio Show Access (1/Month)
  • Member Forum
  • Articles
  • Member Social Network (Connect with other members)
  • Event Calendar
  • Local Training Listing
  • Bonus Downloads
  • Audio Training

As you can see, there’s something new going on EVERY SINGLE WEEK with the new site!

We’ve taken on new administrators within our organization to help with keeping the training fresh and exciting to include a whole string of new instructors we’ve found in all corners of the Earth who you’ve never heard of before.

Anyway, my question to you know is…

Given All Of These Amazing Training Features,
What Would You Say Is A “Fair” Membership Fee?

I realize I’m taking a big risk even asking this question but I’m counting on you to weigh out what you’re getting and what you can afford because yes, I have a team to pay and a site that costs a bundle, but I ALSO want you as a long time member so we can change the face of “reality training” in the future.  (Yes…I truly feel this new site will do just that and I want you to say that YOU were on the front lines!)

So please leave your comment below on a “fair” monthly price.

A good gauge is to remember that our old, basic service was $19.95 per month and maybe go from there, ok?  But I’ll take into account ANY reasonable suggestions.

Now’s your chance to help us yet again form how the new organization shapes up!

Thank you for your input!
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson

International Society Of Close Quarter Combatants

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