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Grappling Moves For The Street: Escaping The Mount!


Picture this…

You’re on your back on the asphalt of a parking lot.  Something sharp and unpleasant is digging into your back.  You don’t notice that, however, and you don’t try to get up.

Why?  Because you can’t!

There’s  a very large man straddling your body, punching you in the face again and again as he uses his weight to keep you pinned down.

Congratulations…you’ve just discovered the horror that is losing position to a ground fighter or mixed martial arts student out on the street.  He’s used his grappling moves to get you into what is called the “mount”, and now you’ve got to try to escape it.  If you don’t, it’s all over for you.

While you can’t play the other guy’s game, and you almost never want to deal with a self-defense situation on the other guy’s terms, the only way to get out of the losing end of a grappling situation is to…

Use “Dirty” Grappling Moves Of Your Own
To Defeat A Ground Fighter!

You’re not really accepting the mixed martial arts philosophy, here, so much as you are acknowledging that grappling got you into a bad position.  Your only choice is to counter-grapple or “anti-grapple” your way back out of that so you can use your combative skills to teach your assailant the error of his ways.

Unfortunately, once you’re caught in the mount, you don’t have many resources. You can try to cover from the blows, but that’s just stalling.  Sooner or later, he’s going to overwhelm you.  If he’s on top of you just pounding away, whittling down your defenses, you won’t last long and he’s going to break through and bust you up eventually.  Time is not on your side.

You do, though, still have your hands free so…

Here’s A Grappling Move That Will Come In Handy…

Use one hand and arm to protect your head while he rains his punches down on you.

With the other, form a “tiger claw”, reaching out with your fingers spread to claw into the side of his body.  That roll of skin and muscle, or maybe that big roll of flab, that you’ve just caught in your fingers is yours to take home with you.  Twist it with all your might.

When you do that, even a tough, determined attacker is going to flinch.  Weaker men will howl in pain. It hurts…bad!  Even in the adrenaline rush of a real street fight, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

When he’s distracted, if even for just a second, grab the side of his head with your free hand.  Twist and roll, rolling your own body with his so you end up on top and between his legs.  You’re not, technically, in the mount on him, but you’re close; you’re in a superior position, poised for bringing a knee straight up into the family jewels for a knee groin strike or to start striking him with hammer fists.

You’ve turned the tables, and now your grappling moves have him on the losing end of the fight!

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