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FREE MP3: Urban Survival Secrets

Ok, I asked for “5 questions” to use for my interview with “urban survival” specialist David Morris…

…and I get a BAZILLION! 😉

That just shows me that my fellow CQC-aholics, like me, approach survival from the same perspective…

…you must be prepared for ALL possible scenarios that can bring harm to you and your loved ones!

Well, true to my word, here’s my free recorded call with David Morris where I took 5 of your top questions and grilled him on how to survive in social chaos.

In fact, I originally planned for just a quick 15-minute call with David.

It rolled into about 45 MINUTES of jam-packed urban survival tips!

FREE MP3: Urban Survival Secrets
For Surviving Social Chaos


Here are the questions covered on this exclusive interview:

  • Should you just focus on your survival preparation plan individually..or should you organize ahead of time, a team of friends and neighbors to band with during a crisis? (There’s some amazing advice in here that I’d never thought of before.  David is truly a genius with this stuff!”
  • If you only had 5 items you could take in order to survive an event, what would they be? (This is the ultimate level of practicality! David speaks about individual needs and makes it more personal to you!)
  • How should you plan if you and your family are separated during a riot or other disaster (e.g. – wife works across town, kids in school, etc.), especially when communication lines may be down? (These are tips that David got straight from some covert “security team” friends who knew what they were talking about!)
  • What is the best way to redirect potential thieves and looters from  your property? (David even covers some “underground” ways to garden and lessen the chance of hungry zombies rampaging through your survival crops! ;-))
  • What if, during extreme social unrest, there’s a knock at your door and uniformed men (military, UN troops, invading country, Martians, etc.) want to confiscate your weapons and ammo and then pack you into evac trucks to take you to the FEMA camps? (This was a BIG, BIG question on the blog and David nailed it! Deep, deep secrets in this one!)

I hope you see the value in this! This is incredible information!

Obviously I couldn’t ask all 145 questions that were submitted on the blog but here’s what I DID hook up for you…

Special ISCQC Offer From “Urban Survival” Expert David Morris!

After David and I got off the call and I told him how many questions we got in, I BEGGED him to do a follow up call.

If 5 simple questions resulted in almost 45 minutes of jam-packed secrets, I told David that I’d probably need him for a good 90 minutes to 2 hours to get even more juicy stuff from him.

He agreed to the call.  Better yet, he agreed to do it LIVE so that you could get on the phone with him and ask him  your questions face-to-face (sort of). 🙂

Here’s How To Get On Our LIVE
“Urban Survival Secrets” Online Workshop…

1. David takes this stuff seriously (I don’t blame him) and understandably, doesn’t want to field questions from men and women who really could care less about their own survival skills.

So I agreed that the only people allowed on our call would be those who have purchased his “Survive In Place” Urban Survival Guide and have passed that “test” that they’re that serious.

Best of all, David chopped a whopping 41% off of the usual price of his complete course (I’m talking this thing is now dirt cheap!)

You can sign up for the course at: (Must sign up at this site!)

2. We only have limited seating for the call and David isn’t going to have this sale forever so you MUST sign up before THIS SUNDAY at 12pm (noon).

3. After you’ve signed up, forward your receipt to us at [email protected] and we’ll send you back a response that you’ve made it on the notification list for the live call.

4. We’ll then keep you in the loop on the date and time we work out with David so you can attend.

Oh, and since it’s a live ONLINE workshop, you can actually join in from anywhere in the world for free by using your computer speakers)

Plus, even if you can’t make it live, you’ll be able to submit your questions ahead of time and EVERYONE will receive the free download of the entire recorded call after it’s over.

Cool, huh?

Go ahead and SIGN UP NOW at David’s website and I look forward to having you on our next call!

Special ISCQC Offer
From David Morris!

Order the “Survive In Place” Urban Survival Guide this week and save 41% plus receive an exclusive invitation to a LIVE follow up online workshop with David on “Urban Survival”!

To take advantage, SIGN UP NOW at:

Enjoy! 😉

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