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FREE MP3: “Dirty Fighting: Extreme Self Defense For The Street!”

INCREDIBLE CALL last night from combatives legend and Paladin Press rock star, Loren Christensen!

In our 80 minute workshop, Loren revealed:

  • How a smaller, weaker person (even ANCIENT “OLD TIMER” ;-), can level a larger man by lightly striking this simple small target! (He even shared how to demo it on yourself!  You can FEEL it!)
  • A strange way Special Ops soldiers learned to use an ORANGE (yes, the fruit!) to perfect this one brutal, fight-ending move!
  • The simple, but powerful, 45-degree strike that will bring even a giant, bad-ass biker to his knees in  gut-wrenching pain! (He’ll likely have to change his tighty-whiteys after this devastating tactic!)

If you missed the call, then you’re in for a treat because I’m going to give you 72 HOURS to go and download the entire recording for FREE!

Loren ChristensenFREE Limited MP3 Download!

“Fighting Dirty: Extreme Self Defense
For The Street!

With Loren Christensen

To download this free “street fight” audio program,
click on the link below and save a copy
to your computer:

Left Click Here For Download Page >>

But I Need A Favor From You In Return…

Next week (Tuesday, August 31st) is our big relaunch of the International Society of Close Quarter Combatants (ISCQC).

Our goal is to completely revolutionize the way reality-based self defense training is viewed by the entire world and spearhead the advancement of close quarters combat (all areas!) within the greater “martial arts” community.

This is no small goal (believe me!) and we’re going to need YOUR HELP to get the word out!

So here’s what I’d like you to do…

TELL EVERYONE about the movement that’s coming!

Use this FREE AUDIO DOWNLOAD as a “gift” to anyone you know that’s interested in this type of training.

For example…

  • If you have a Facebook profile, click on the “Like” button at the top of this page
  • When you click on over to the download page, please use the “Share This” link you’ll see there to send the link by email, Facebook, etc. to all your contacts who would appreciate this type of training
  • Post the following link on any “combatives” type forums you frequent (link to use:
  • If you’re an instructor, send the link to your students
  • If you’re a self defense student, let everyone know at your local school
  • Let them know down at the gun club…the gym…the bar! 😉

If we’re going to make this a “movement”, we need mass numbers and I promise that whoever you send it to will be thankful!  (Hell, it’s a $27 value they’re getting for free! ;-))

So do we have a deal?


Go ahead and grab your download NOW and then go and spread the word, ok?

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