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Day 2 Affiliate Email – How To Make A Gas Mask

Subject: [Quick Tip] The FIRST thing to do in a riot. . .
Subject: 3 “quick tips” for surviving a mob riot. . .
Subject: [Quick Tip] How to defeat tear gas in a riot. . .
Subject:  How to make a “gas mask”. . .

In a collapse of civil order, a riot can break out in any number
of scenarios…

* A natural disasterthat causes food shortages
* Political unrest that triggers protests
* Desperate revolt at food/water distribution points
* Looting during a civil breakdown
* Etc.

Of course you can try to avoid these types of scenarios, but the
reality is, you may find yourself thrust into any one of them in
the strange, uncertain times we’re currently facing.

You know this to be true if you’re honest with yourself, right?

That’s why nearly 5,000 other concerned cititzens shared their best
“collapse survival tips” in the program I told you about
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When a riot breaks out, one of the most common crowd dispertion
tools used by police or military is going to be tear gas.

You’ve probably seen this dozens of times in televised mob scenes
in Greece, Palastine, Syria and other areas of the world where
collapse is already taking place.

And if you’ve ever been exposed to tear gas, you quickly realize
why it’s so effective:

You can’t see a thing due to uncontrollable stinging in your
eyes and massive tearing…

…breathing becomes complete agony and you’ll feel like
you’re suffocating

…and you’ll run wildly in terror to get to breathable air
as fast as possible.

It’s even worse if you’re protecting a spouse and children.

They can quickly panic and run blindly away in agony, separating
them from you and putting them at the mercy of adrenaline-fueled
military or police and rampaging crowds.

And make no mistake…

A stampeding mob running away from tear gas ISN’T going to
politely step around you and your loved ones.

They will trample ANYTHING in the way of their desperate scramble
for oxygen and they’re just as deadly as a sniper’s bullet if you
fall down.

That’s why the first thing you need to do in a riot scenario is
prepare yourself and those you love against tear gas so you can
stay calm and escape to safety fast.

Now, the best defense against tear gas is a gas mask… but most
people don’t have one on them (especially for each member of the

So to protect yourself and those with you, here are 3 quick tips
for what to do…

1. Have a pair of tight-fitting swim goggles with you –
they’re fast and easy to put on and will protect your eyes
from the gas.

2. Always keep a plastic zip-lock bag with a bandana for each
person and a small plastic bottle of cider vinegar handy.
The vinegar can help neutralize the gas, so quickly empty
the bottle in the bag and soak the bandanas in the vinegar
before puting them over your nose and mouth to breathe

3. Get upwind or escape to high ground (like a hill or
building roof top) – The gas stays low to the ground and
high ground is more defensible if you have to fight back
when things get even uglier and looting breaks out.

Now, knowing how to defend against tear gas is just one of the
strategies you need to master to prepare for a complete breakdown
when the $%#@ hits the fan.

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a breakdown.

Trust me… the time to prepare for civil breakdown is NOT when
the sirens are going off and the crowds are forming in your town.

“NOW” is when you need to be mastering the simple strategies
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P.S. – If you think mobs and tear gas aren’t something you’ll
encounter, think again.

All you have to do is watch the news to see that things are
heating up and that even in small towns, violence can erupt –
especially during a natural disaster when people get hungry and

Neighbors can quickly become an angry mob and there are things
you should be doing NOW just in case.

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