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Day 1 Affiliate Email – Survive The Collapse

Subject: Best new survival book you need NOW…
Subject: [NEW] 250 survival tips to survive a collapse…
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Subject: The best survival tips (you don’t know!)

I’m going to make this short and sweet…

Nearly 5,000 concerned citizens recently pulled together to
contribute their very best “survival tips” for a collapse

The very best ones were compiled into an amazing downloadable
book you’ll find here:

(Affiliate Link)

Now, I’ll warn you right now…

If you’re rolling your eyes at even the mention of the word
“collapse”, then this message may not be for you.

But I’m not talking about the Earth blowing up in a giant
fireball or zombies rising up out of the grave to feast on you
and your neighbors.

I’m talking about the crumbling of infrastructure that happens
during times of crisis such as…

Natural disaster…
Political unrest…
Flash mob riots…
Looting during power outages…etc.

All you have to do is watch the news and see that these are
actual events that can happen any time… anywhere… to anyone.

Only a select few people even have the ability to consider a
crisis in the future and I have no desire to convince you or
anyone else about the threats we now face.

So in my book, you’re either on board and taking steps to protect
yourself and those you love, or you’re not.

Plain and simple.

But for those of you who DO believe in taking every precaution to
prepare for any level of breakdown, this I highly suggest you
check out this program:

(Affiliate Link)

I subscribe to several survival newsletters…take part in forums…
and read a lot of books, but there are tips in this book that
I’ve frankly NEVER seen anywhere else!

You’re going to be shocked at how unusual (and effective) a lot
of these are, I promise!



P.S. – Oh, and this week only, that website is also giving away a
free program, called:

“How To Survive A Flash Mob Riot!”

“Flash mob riots” are pre-meditated bursts of violence that can
happen anywhere, any time.

In fact, at last year’s State Fair in Wisconsin, a group of about
50 rioters – at a predetermined time – began beating fair-goers

In Philadelphia, flash mobs have been terrorizing “nice”
neighborhoods with scheduled beatings of men and women just
walking on the sidewalk and even pulled out of cars in the

It’s a serious problem for responsible citizens like you and me…
and this week only, you can get some serious answers by picking
up a free copy of “How To Survive A Flash Mob Riot!”

You’ll see this program on the same website at:


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