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Combat Fitness Exercise That Fixes Your Lower Back Pain?

You’ve probably heard me whine about how 10 years humping a ruck in the military eventually screwed up my discs (Yes, I’m talking to YOU L4 & L5!)

After years of seeing everyone from chiropractors to voodoo witch doctors, one move worked almost like magic at building my core muscles to cinch my waist in tight and realign my spine.

Funny thing is, it also helped me with my other exercises as well as I could literally FEEL my internal structure giving me more stability in all my lifts.

Try this move now…

(Oh, and when you feel the crack in your back the first two reps? That’s just the free chiropractic adjustment you just received that you would have paid a cool $40 to $100 bucks for! 😉

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This move is just one of several that take “functional fitness” to a whole new level.

The program is called “TACFIT” and it’s currently being used by everyone from “bored housewives” to Navy SEALS (sounds like some horrible porn plot).

There’s currently a sale going on and I highly recommend checking it out because not only is it being offered at 51% off…

…but if you order it through ME, I’m also throwing in a free copy of my “Navy SEAL Conditioning” audio program!

Navy Seal Conditioning Program

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Once you sign up for the TACFIT program, you’ll receive a special email from me with a special link directly to the download page where you can pick up my exclusive bonus.

But you MUST order through ME, not another website to get the download.

Here’s the link one more time:

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