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Close Quarters Combat Training Technique From Hockey Fights

Every fight in a hockey game is a close quarters combat scenario.

In fact, it’s made even more difficult to do any real damage to the other opponent due to layers and layers of padding and you’re trying to launch an attack on two thin blades of metal on a slippery surface.

Given these conditions, these guys have had to learn some pretty nasty (and EFFECTIVE!) techniques to get their licks in before they’re broken up by the refs.

And there’s a LOT we can learn from these experienced fighters!

Here’s a self defense technique that works just as well in the street as it does on the ice…

Close Quarters Combat Hockey Fight Trick

It’s very typical to get wrapped up into a “clinch” in a real street fight.

In this position, you and your attacker are struggling for dominance and you may only have seconds to  either gain an offensive position before he either gets in a good shot or his buddies come up to give him a hand.

In hockey fights, one of the best ways that players gain dominance is by using the other player’s clothing.

Here’s how it works…

When locked up head-to-head in close combat, reach over your attacker’s shoulders with one hand (preferably your non-dominant hand) and grab the back of his shirt as far down as you can.

Next, simply pull it up and OVER his head and once you have it covering his face, twist it around to the side of his neck to wrap him up tight.

This will give you control over his body because you now have full lateral control over his head, and as we know…where the head goes…the body will follow!

This makes it possible for you to throw your attacker over a chair or into another attacker if you’re fending off multiple attackers.

But your biggest advantage is that your attacker won’t be able to see anything and this gives you some pretty easy targets to strike with your dominant hand.

Do your damage…then get away!

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