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Close Quarters Combat Advice From General Patton

General PattonGeneral George Patton once said…

“The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastard die for his.”

While this battlefield mantra has been a driving force for decades in our military mind-set of “never giving up” in combat, applied to the reality of a real street fight, these words ring just as true.

I’ve seen countless street fights where the person “losing” the battle just gives up…basically curling up into a ball and waiting for the kicks and punches to stop.

Sometimes they do…and sometimes they don’t.

So let me throw a different spin on General Patton’s quote…The object of surviving a real street fight is NOT to lay down and take your beating…but to NEVER give up on turning the tables on your attacker.

Even under the worst conditions, you must dig deep for your will to survive and assume that it’s life or death when you’re on the losing end.

If you lay down like an armadillo, you’re an easy, non-moving target for full force kicks, punches, and bar stools.

Whether your attacker(s) intend to kill you or not, the leg of a chair driven down on your head will do the work just the same.

From my perspective, self defense techniques are great tools for winning a fight…but developing a “never give up” mind-set is an even more important factor.

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