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The “Clinch” And Defending Against Multiple Attackers

When you’re facing a situation where you have to use self defense against multiple attackers, getting locked up in the “clinch” with one of your attackers is a bad, bad place to be.

The clinch is where you and another person are head-to-head with your arms locked onto each others’ upper body, fighting for position and an opening to quickly defeat the other.

The problem versus multiple attackers is that while you struggle for position, you’re an easy target for your attacker’s buddies who are quickly coming to his rescue!

Here’s one technique that will help you quickly defeat the clinch and even help you gain an advantage over defending against multiple attackers:

First, in the clinch, you ALWAYS want to have the “inside” position where your arms and hands are on the inside of his arms.

If his arms are on the inside, your attacker can easily upper cut you or strike any number of other targets along the “center line” of your body.

For this technique, while your attacker’s clinch has his hands on the back of your neck, fighting for superior position, you’ll reach up with one hand and reach over the same side arm of your opponent.

Reaching high over his arm, swing your arm out and down in a circular motion, trapping his arm in your armpit.

As you continue this movement, you’ll naturally put an elbow lock on your attacker and defeat the clinch.

As the elbow lock takes effect, you’ll also notice that his body reacts by opening him up and getting him on his toes.

From this position, while you have him locked up, reach up with your other hand and grab his throat in a choke hold.

You now have full control over your attacker and can easily look around for multiple attackers.

If needed, you can throw your attacker into another attacker…

…you can snap his arm to quickly take him out of the fight

…you can use his body as a shield against multiple attackers

…you can throw him over a chair or against a wall and escape

…your self defense technique options are practically unlimited!

Practice this clinch and multiple attacker defense technique with a training partner and you’ll easily see how effective it can be!

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