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6 Inches Decides Choke, Knockout…Or DEATH!

Working in the security industry in gang-infested sections of New Mexico, I’ve seen more than my share of deadly street fights.

I’ve seen men gang up on a victim and begin stomping away without any thought to WHERE they were striking.

Even if they didn’t mean to kill someone, there are certain spots on the human body that can instantly bring death!

YOU need to know these targets!


Because you may need to USE them if you’re ever in a life-or-death defensive situation.

But also…because you may NOT want to hit these targets if you’re NOT in a lethal encounter!

If you know these targets and how to exploit them or avoid them, then you can not only better defend yourself, but also keep your ass out of prison after “going too far”.

Justified Lethal Force: 6 Inches Can Save Your Life
…Or Land You In Prison!

Note: These DVD’s Are NOT Available To The General Public

(But They Are For YOU For A Limited Time!)

Because Tim is a friend of mine, I was able to get him to open up the “Target Focus Training” vault and offer this very rare set of DVD’s JUST my close combat subscribers for a limited time at a deep discount.

Legal Self Defense Training

Click Here For Tim’s Exclusive
“Limited Time” Offer
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This is RAW, HARDCORE FOOTAGE that gives you a virtual PhD in “legal self defense” when you’re facing the nastiest dipshits of society!

It answers ALL the questions you may have about when you have the legal right to defend yourself and HOW to do it so you don’t find your mugshot all over the evening news!

Here’s a sneak peek at what’s covered in the program:

  • The 2 keys to surviving violence. Use them… and you live. But if he claims them first, you die. It really is this simple!
  • The secret of learning to “feel” an attack. Unlike the movies or sport competition or martial arts where everything to worry about is conveniently in front of you, you’ll likely never see real violence coming. You’ll hear this discussed right up front on DVD #1.
  • Here’s 1 fact even the “experts” get wrong: the human body can take one hell of a lot of trauma and keep right on functioning during a lethal struggle. But there’s one thing the body can NOT take… and it’s the one thing Target Focus Training uniquely focuses on.
  • The surprising secret nobody understands: why causing injury helps keep you from needing to kill. It opened wide the eyes of these Agents… and especially their top brass.

We’re Talking Over 6 HOURS Of Extreme Survival Secrets!

But Tim went WAY above and beyond for my subscribers…

He loaded up some free bonuses that are frankly worth twice as much as the super discount he gave me for the “Lethal Force” DVD’s alone.

This makes this a “no brainer” in my book!

Lethal Leverage Self Defense DVD Training5 MORE DVD’S…FREE!

Lethal Leverage: Unleash Your
Ability To Literally “BREAK”
Your Attacker Into Pieces!

Needless to say, I STRONGLY suggest you grab these DVD’s NOW because this Sunday, the entire deal comes off the table!

Even if you go back to Tim’s website, you’re not going to be able to get a copy of this training (let alone at the huge discount he’s offering)!

Click Here For Tim’s Exclusive “Limited Time” Offer
To My Subscribers Only >>

Please don’t wait around on this offer!

Once Sunday comes, you won’t even be able to get the DVD’s because they’re simply not offered to the general public.

You MUST get them from my website and you MUST get them before Sunday at noon so please go check them out now by using the link above, ok?

Be safe y’all!
Jeff Anderson
Jeff Anderson

The International Society of Close Quarter Combatants

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