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Life & Death At The Batting Cage (What Would YOU Do?)

I’m a coach for my son’s 3rd grade basketball team (thank God I know hand-to-hand! ;-))

As a prerequisite, we have to go through a series of online classes.

Well, yesterday, the topic was on “irrational parents”.

Now, I’ve had to deal with my share of dads who felt like their son was better than another boy and deserved to play more than the other kids.

I have my polite ways to tell them to “screw off”.

But the online lesson plan gave a shocking example of where these situations can turn ugly…

…and I’m curious how YOU would have dealt with the situation.

Amazing Real Life Story Of An Out Of Control Dad.

What Would YOU Do?

“I approached the man and his son waiting outside of our reserved batting caged and explained to him that we had a scheduled practice.  I told him that there was still another cage at the other end he could use, and he told me to “F- off.” I said, “Watch your language around the kids.

Well, this guy pulls out a Glock with a clip taped to the handle of the gun, points it at the middle of my head from five feet and tells me I’m a dead man and that he’s going to blow my F-ing brains out.

I said, ‘Think about what you’re doing,‘ because his son’s over here crying, ‘Daddy let’s go to the other cage, let’s go to the other cage.‘ I said, ‘Think about what you’re doing. This will be the last thing your son is going to see you do.

At that moment or a couple minutes later, the police drove up, they came over and he quickly took the gun, put it in the bag and then they hauled him off. I wasn’t much afraid as I was mad because I felt violated. I mean here is somebody who is going to kill me over a batting cage, which is ridiculous.”

So please share your insights…

  • What did this dad on the other end of the barrel do right?
  • What did he do wrong?
  • Would you have done anything differently?

All opinions are welcome! 😉

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